Quality betta fish supplier in Kingsford

If you like betta fish, chances are you’ve heard of us. We’re Kingsford’s preferred suppliers of quality betta splendens, stocking some of the most stunning show bettas in Australia. Commonly known as the Siamese fighting fish, bettas have come a long way from their native homeland in Thailand. Stop by and check out our impressive range of bettas. 

Show bettas

Imported from some of the best breeders and bloodlines around the world, we take our bettas seriously. By frequently attending international shows, seminars and buying trips, we understand and appreciate our beautiful bettas. We remain up to date with the global betta scene and communicate with international betta show judges, breeders and clubs worldwide, to provide local collectors with the best bettas on offer. 

Our bettas

At Slippery Littler Suckers, we carry a range of beautiful bettas. From the commonly seen Veiltail bettas, to the exotic Crowntails, King Crowntails, Plakats (short tails), Halfmoon Plakats, Super Deltas, Halfmoons, Double tail Fullmoons and very rare Cross-Ray Crowntails. Be impressed by their beautiful shapes and colours. We receive new fish every four to six weeks, however, get in quick as our beautiful bettas are often pre-sold before their arrival from their breeder pictures. 
For more on our beautiful bettas, call (02) 9315 5288.
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