Buy discus fish in Kingsford

Add a unique and beautiful touch to your aquarium with premium discus fish from Slippery Little Suckers. We pride ourselves on being the best importers of discus in Australia. With an impressive range of bright colours and patterns, you’re sure to find the right discus for your tank. Chat with our passionate and knowledgeable team in Kingsford about our sought after discus today. 

Our premium suppliers

Our discus is renowned for their quality. Our handpicked selection comes from some of the world's champion stock breeders across Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. We stay up to date with the latest in the international discus scene to bring the most sought after bloodlines to Australia.

Our discus

We stock some of the world's rarest discus strains, including hard to obtain wild species. We have over 20 immaculately maintained tanks in store, consistently stocked with over 400 healthy and well cared for discus. We receive regular shipments every four to six weeks, so you can always come in and check our new range. 
Find the right discus for your aquarium. Call (02) 9315 5288.
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