Beautiful marine fish in Kingsford

Thanks to the movie Finding Nemo, marine fish aquariums have resurfaced as a popular hobby for avid fish collectors across the globe. Providing a spectacular colour display in your aquarium, our understanding of marine filtration has made keeping marine fish easier and more affordable than ever before. Due to the advanced care required, we don’t recommend marine fish for beginner fish hobbyists. For impressive marine fish in Kingsford, stop in for a visit today.

Our marine stock

Our beautiful marine fish are sourced both locally and internationally, from Asia, the Pacific and Hawaii. Our exporters are hand selected and our purchases are made from reputable Marine Aquarium Council certified suppliers. We don’t condone destructive and unsustainable aquarium trade. Ours have an impressive selection, with over 25 tanks of marine fish, so you're sure to find the fish you're after.
Amphiprion ocellaris clownfish in marine aquarium
Learn more about our range on marine fish. Call (02) 9315 5288.
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