Kingsford’s goldfish suppliers

At Slippery Littler Suckers, we’re passionate about goldfish keeping. Whether you are looking for a low maintenance pet or a beautiful addition to your aquarium, we have the right goldfish for you. Talk to one of our experts at our Kingsford location to learn about what makes the grade for an impressive show goldfish. 

History of the goldfish

Did you know that the goldfish was originally grey? Called Crassius Auratus, it lived in the fast-flowing, cool and well-oxygenated rivers of North East Asia. It fed by searching the riverbed for larvae and other food morsels, consuming a large amount of vegetation. The first recorded gold colouration was discovered in the Chun Dynasty (265-419 AD) and was bred selectively in China and Japan for the noble class. The variety of beautiful goldfish we have today is often the first choice for new aquarium owners worldwide.  

Our goldfish

From small comets and fantails perfect for the beginner to premium goldfish from internationally renowned breeders and farms, you’re sure to find the right goldfish for your aquarium. Our prices range from $3.95 for our more commonly seen breeds, into the thousands for our specially selected show grade jumbo goldfish.  
Learn more about our goldfish. Call (02) 9315 5288
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